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Development Process

Agile practices and methodologies are gaining more and more ground in the IT industry. Learn the proper way of developing application in an Agile manner, understand Continuous Delivery and Continuous integration. Learn to values Clean Code and Unit Testing and understand how they all fit together to optimize the development process for any team. Understand the value of feedback and how Code Review can keep application development and code quality on track.
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    Development Principles
    About: Learn the process, principles and methodology of developing application in an Agile manner. This course is focused on the development principles and practices to ensure the most favourable outcome for achieving a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at the end of each Sprint.
    Requirements: Java
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    Clean Code
    About: Learn how to write readable, standardized, clean code. Understand the high value standardization when writing code and the benefits this brings in terms of productivity, and application support.
    Requirements: Java
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    Feedback and Code Review
    About: Learn how to give and receive feedback and how valuable this process is for people development. Learn how to conduct code review and use feedback to provide your findings to the team.
    Requirements: Java
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    Unit Testing
    About: Learn to improve your code quality and provide quality assurance for the code you write by understanding how to write unit tests for your code. Learn to write effective unit testing for Java and Spring using a wide variety of tools provided for unit testing.
    Requirements: Java
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    Continuous Delivery
    About: Learn what Continuous Delivery is and how to obtain it. Understand the power and productivity behind Continuous Integration and learn some of the tools used to implement it. Continuous Integration is a commonly used practice that ensures that each change on the code will trigger the build, deploy and test automatic routine ensuring a great feedback loop for the development team.
    Requirements: Java