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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence has emerged as the most important skill for career advancement, happiness and fulfillment and managing personal relationship. Learn how to identify the emotional states you are in and how to properly manage them for your benefit. Discover ways to improve your self-control, delay gratification and find the motivation to reach your objectives.
  • 1
    What is Emotional Intelligence
    About: Understand what intelligence and Emotional Intelligence are. Together we establish an overview of what Emotional Intelligence is and how it impacts our lives, careers and relationships. Have an inside look on how EM really influences our existence.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 2
    Emotional Ecosystem
    About: Learn about the way our emotions work, how they form and how they impact us. Discover all the emotions and learn of some of the most common situation that favor the manifestation of these emotions.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 3
    Awareness and Self-Awareness
    About: Awareness facilitates our understanding of the outside world and provides a glimpse of what other people are feeling and why they act the way they do. Learn how to develop self-awareness to understand what you feel, why you feel what you feel and how to act in a favorable way.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 4
    Self Regulation
    About: Learn how be develop a reliable and flexible self regulation system. Develop your self control, the trust you have in who you are, the ability to adapt to situations and people and to explore new ideas about yourself.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 5
    Self Motivation
    About: Motivation is the most important thing required to achieve our objectives. Learn how to use and develop your motivation.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 6
    About: Empathy allows us to put ourselves in other peoples shoes, to see the world as they do and even get a glimpse of what they feel in certain situation. In terms of personal and working relationships, empathy proves to be one of the most valuable social skills. Learn how to use and develop your empathy.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 7
    Advanced Social Skills
    About: After learning about our emotional world, learning how to be aware of what we feel and how to do proper emotional management, we focus on advanced social skills which heavily rely on Emotional Intelligence. We take a look at building relationships, communication, leadership and conflict management.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 8
    The Emotional World
    About: We discuss the nature of emotions, how they shape and influence the world we live in. Learn how Emotional Intelligence can help you become happier and how it can help you achieve objectives.
    Requirements: English Language