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Human Interaction

Soft skill are emerging as the most important set of skills in almost any field of activity. Through this course you will learn to develop a strong and authentic personal brand and become a master in efficient communication, by developing speaking, listening and questioning techniques alongside body language reading and sales techniques.
  • 1
    The Perfect Salesman
    About: Sales is probably one of the most icons fields of activity when it comes to human interaction. Based on the way you talk and act you can get the deal of a lifetime of not. It makes sense that we start our human interaction mastery from here. Learn how to develop a personal brand and learn the practices of sales people when it comes to human interaction.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 2
    The Clear Speaker
    About: In order to get along with people, to be understood and to get your ideas across you need to learn how to become a clear speaker. Learn the practices, skills and tips and tricks that can make you excel at speaking with people, presenting your ideas and making communication more efficient.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 3
    The Questioning Guru
    About: In order to understand the messages people are trying to convey in is important to be able to ask the right question in any specific situation. Learn the types of question that you have at your disposal and what they are meant for and finally learn to build and use powerful questions that can lead and conversation forward.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 4
    The Good Listener
    About: After learning how to ask the right questions, you need to understand how to efficiently listen to what people are saying. Understand what people mean and determine the main idea of any communication.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 5
    The Positive Helper
    About: Communication is shaped by the nature of your mindset. Having a positive attitude, and understanding what people expect from a positive helper is a piece of information that will serve you win most people.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 6
    The Body Language Reader
    About: Because most of the communication occurs outside of verbal communication, a great benefit for any person looking to improve human interaction is understanding body language and the benefits it brings.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 7
    The Real Salesman
    About: Put all the knowledge you have assimilate in context and learn to manifest these skills like any top salesman.
    Requirements: English Language