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JMeter is one of the most used tools for load and performance testing, web application stress testing and service automation testing. Written in Java, JMeter provides a different approach from other established testing tools in the sense that instead of being oriented towards User Interface testing it focuses more on testing performance for applications and other more exotic aspects of an application like: database values for both SQL and NoSQL databases, SOAP and REST web services, JMS queues and FTP servers. Learn how to use this great tools to automate database testing and REST service testing.
  • 1
    Testing Practices
    About: Learn about what testing practices and process companies use to test the application that they develop. Understand the types of test that are used and what purpose they have in ensuring quality assurance for a software application.
    Requirements: Java, Testing, API,NFR
  • 2
    Getting Started with JMeter
    About: Learn to install and get started with JMeter. Follow a step by step description of how to install, add extensions and plugins, start and create your first tests with JMeter.
    Requirements: Java, Testing, API,NFR
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    Database Testing SQL
    About: Learn how to test SQL databases following this course. Learn how to setup JDBC connections with JMeter, connect to a database and execute various types of operations: create, query, update and more. Understand the mechanisms used to process and test resulted values.
    Requirements: Java, Testing, JDBC, NFR
  • 4
    Database Testing NoSQL
    About: Since NoSQL is catching more ground, it is only normal to learn how to interact and test with a NoSQL database. Learn how to configure and connect to MongoDB, perform various operations and process the JSON results.
    Requirements: Java, Testing, NoSQL, JSON
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    Rest Service Testing
    About: Learn how to use, call and test a REST API. Learn how to perform HTTP method calls using JMeter(GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) and how to process the returned JSON. Learn how to submit values to a REST service and test the status code response.
    Requirements: Java, Testing, API,NFR
  • 6
    File Service Testing
    About: It is getting more common for applications to require file operations like uploading a file or a picture, downloading a PDF file or even uploading an entire gallery. Considering a series of services that allow this functionality learn how to use JMeter to download and upload files and testing the response of these operations.
    Requirements: Java, Testing, API,NFR