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Other Presentations

Other presentations that are not part of any specific LearnStuff.ro modules. These independent presentations are meant to be complementary assets for LearnStuff and target some of the less acknowledged practices or topics within the world of software development. Discover AKKA, EJB and JSF frameworks as well as a what motivates people.
  • 1
    About: Build powerful concurrent and distributed applications more easily using the AKKA framework. Discover a great toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient message-driven applications on the JVM.
    Requirements: Java
  • 2
    Enterprise Java Beans
    About: Learn about the powerful Enterprise Java Beans one of the cornerstones of web application development. Discover how we encapsulate application logic for both injectable and message driven beans, learn about dependency injection and how to distribute logic in remote or local JNDI resources. Learn to easily develop REST services and JMS producers and consumers with EJB.
    Requirements: Java, Web Application Development
  • 3
    Java Server Faces
    About: Learn about the standard implementation for the MVC pattern for Java Enterprise Application. JSF is a powerful, robust and mature framework which enables developers to develop UI application using the simple and intuitive JSF components. JSF is also a great starting point if you are new to web development with JAVA as it encapsulates many of the core principles and patterns required in any Java web application.
    Requirements: Java, MVC
  • 4
    Motivation and Satisfaction
    About: Discover the differences between motivation and satisfaction when it comes to the people in your team and in your company. Discover the main factors that increase satisfaction, how salary and benefits influence people and what a company needs to provide in order to help employees find motivation.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 5
    Why I dont use TDD
    About: This presentation is an in-depth look at the risks and issues from adoption test driven development. Starting from the simple principles behind TDD we discuss some of the possible pitfalls of using TDD and some of the way we can prevent a negative impact from using TDD on some projects. This presentation was first held at CodeCamp conference in April 2016.
    Requirements: Intermediate programming, unit testing, test driven development, system design
  • 6
    Level-Up Your Skills
    About: Learning is a fundamental part of our lives. It starts in the few moments of our existence and never stops. Each of us has an unique way of learning and only some methods provide results. Discover what type of learner you are, the learning methods and the meta-cognition techniques that will help you learn better and faster.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 7
    The Nature of Stress
    About: Discover the nature of stress, what benefits stress can bring and the negative effects stress can have if left unmanaged. Learn about the link between perception and stress and how our marvelous brains understand, generate and manage stress.
    Requirements: English Language