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Personal Development

In the last few years people have become more and more interested in personal development. Aiming for a better understanding of our emotions, cognition, decision making and a pursuit of happiness the set of presentation might help shed some light on the internal mechanics of our personal, intimate lives.
  • 1
    What is personal Development
    About: Personal Development is 11+ billion market world wide. Aside from the million of books sold yeach year for personal development this market is flooded with presentation, courses, classes, seminars and speakers that focus on various aspects of our lives. In this course we will discose what personal development really is with a major focus on myths and pitfalls so that we embarc on the personal development jorney with all the information we require.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 2
    Life and Acceptance
    About: In our personal development journey we will start with the nature of human life, how we develop, how we learn and the stages our minds go through our lifetime. It is essential that we understand and accept how some elements in our lifes were shaped by our family, friends, society or culture and how we can make peace with those elements we are not really fond of.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 3
    The Self
    About: The first step to personal development is discovering and understanding ourselves. We will discuss some of the most common aspects of the self and how the influence us in our daily lives. Another aspect we will cover is our ability to influence these aspect in a concious, voluntary way.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 4
    Ego and Power
    About: Tackle the intricate system of the "EGO", the part of our mind responsable for our self-esteem. Learn how the fluctuation of the self-esteem increase or decrease our need for power and control.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 5
    Belief System and Perception
    About: Learn how values determine our belief system, and the major role the belief system plays in establishing and maitaing the self-esteem. Learn to understand how our perception works and what we can do to influence it in order to obtain a positive belief system.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 6
    Failure is when you desire what you dont need
    About: In this course we go through a series of events from the real world through which we will gain a better understanding of what desires and needs and how desireing something you do not need will most likely lead to failure. Learn to chose the right objectives for your personal development journey and for your life.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 7
    A Functional Approach to Emotions
    About: Understand the role emotions and emotional inteligence play in our lives, how they impact performance, objectives, desires and needs and how to achieve a higher level of emotional management.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 8
    Negative Thinking
    About: Negative thinking is highly common practice that we do in our everyday life. Learn how negative thinking impacts our emotions and eventually the way we perform and act in real life.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 9
    About: Learn to eliminta negative thinking patterns and increase emotional inteligence in order to be more happier and more in touch with yuor true self.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 10
    The Pursuit of Happiness
    About: Learn the functional aspects of happiness and especially the milestones in the journey towards a happy life.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 11
    About: Understand the nature of happiness, how to achieve it and especially how to maintain it.
    Requirements: English Language