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Public Speaking

Many people find it hard to talk in public, when they need to make a presentation for colleagues and even more so when they need to present something to strangers. Learn how to overcome fear of public speaking; prepare, structure and create great presentations and learn how to deliver the best presentation you can. Find out tips and tricks to keep your audience interested, reduce your stress while presenting and make sure your ideas get understood.
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    Public Speaking
    About: Public speaking often proves a challenge for people. Our misconceptions and insecurities are the most frequent causes of stress, anxiety or worry. Learn how to overcome these issues and how to become a good public speaker.
    Requirements: English Language
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    About: The presentation represents the key resource you use in public speaking. Learn how to prepare, structure and organize your presentations. Understand what brings value and the differences between different types of presentations and the particularities each of them comes with.
    Requirements: English Language
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    About: Speaking is the most important part of any presentation. Learn how to structure your speech in order to keep your audience focused and interested. Learn tips and tricks on how to make your presentation more enjoyable, easier to understand and more pleasant for your audience.
    Requirements: English Language
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    Demo Presentations
    About: Agile is one of the most used methodologies for developing software. In order to comply to the practices associated to Agile, development teams need to present and MVP, in front of the stakeholders, at the end of each iteration. This makes for a specific type of public speaking, in the sense that each demo presentation needs to be an informative communication in which the team presents the business value added to the product. Explore how to structure your demo, how to present it and some tips and tricks on how to make your demo a success.
    Requirements: English Language, Agile methodology
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    Business Etiquette
    About: For both the corporate world and start-ups business etiquette is one of the most important aspects when conducting business, discussing with clients or colleagues and organizing events. While the current standards lean towards a more casual approach there are still a set of rules that help you create a great impression and improve the way you interact with people. Learn how to deal with meetings, visits, emails and negotiations in terms of business etiquette.
    Requirements: English Language