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React JS 16.X

In the last few years React JS has become the tool of choice for building UI for many companies and business around the world. Due to the ease of adoption and simple principles, React JS is now one of the most used UI frameworks. Learn the basics of React JS, learn how to build UI applications, how to integrate React with helpful 3rd parties and with Redux.
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    ReactJS Basic Concepts
    About: Get started with the basic concept of ReactJS. Learn the inner workings of the ReactJS library, how it is different from the other frameworks in the market. Learn about the mechanisms provided by ReactJS to create Ui components and some of the patterns used when working with ReactJS.
    Requirements: English Language, JavaScript, CSS, HMTL
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    ReactJS Components
    About: Get a detailed look at components, the basic building blocks of ReactJS. Learn how to build your own components, manage component state, the component lifecycle which allows for component management and how to compose them in order to obtain complex components.
    Requirements: English Language, JavaScript, CSS, HMTL
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    ReactJS Events, Forms and Lists
    About: Any UI applications employs the use of forms in order to allow the user to provide input information. Most data is displayed as lists and interacting with UI element generates events, which we want to handle. Learn how to use this elements to enrich your UI application developed with ReactJS.
    Requirements: English Language, JavaScript, CSS, HMTL
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    ReactJS Applications
    About: ReactJS library brings a different approach into building UI applications. In is important to understand how ReactJS is meant to be used, how components need to build in order to be efficient and how applications are structure for a better development experience.
    Requirements: English Language, JavaScript, CSS, HMTL