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Software Architecture

The need for scalable, service based application, deployable in a cloud environment has been on the rise in the last few years. This set of presentation will help you explore and understand the latest trends in software architecture putting a strong focus on: SOA, Micro-services, Lambda Architecture and Spring Cloud among others.
  • 1
    Software Architecture
    About: We discuss the difference between software design and software architecture and then we take an in depth look at the principles and practices associated with software architecture. Finally we discuss some of the most common architectural patterns used in modern day applications.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 2
    SOA and DDA
    About: Starting from the most common architectural patterns we discus two of the most frequently used patterns, that have shaped the way we build software applications in the moment. Finally, we discuss how we use Service Oriented Architecture and Domain Driven Architecture together for optimal results.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 3
    About: Micro-services are one of the hottest topics of the last few years. Starting with the migration of application towards cloud deployments, the necessity for micro-services has become more and more obvious. Learn the principles and practices required to develop micro-service, while also taking a look at some of the most common mistakes when developing micro-services.
    Requirements: English Language
  • 4
    Spring Cloud 1
    About: In this presentation we discuss service discovery and service registration with the help of Eureka. We also take a look at the load balancing provided by Ribbon and the use of Feign clients.
    Requirements: English Language, Java, Spring
  • 5
    Spring Cloud 2
    About: Learn how to provide fault tolerance with Hystrix and the circuit breaker features provided by this framework. We also discuss how to define an API Gateway using Zuul.
    Requirements: English Language, Java, Spring
  • 6
    Spring Cloud 3
    About: Learn how to secure you micro-services using Spring OAuth2 and how to integrate it with your applications. We also discuss how to manage the status and health of your services with the help of Actuator. Finally we discuss on how to create a configuration server to facilitate the configuration of multiple micro-services.
    Requirements: English Language, Java, Spring
  • 7
    Cloud Tools
    About: In this presentation we discuss some of the most used tools for deploying micro-services in the cloud. Learn about Docker and Kubernetes and how they help orchestrate development environments. Finally we discuss about Spring AWS and some of the AWS features available.
    Requirements: English Language